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HOT – Bang Coffee Bar – 133A Kirkland Ave, Coorparoo

Yay for more cafes in the Coorparoo area! Bang Coffee Bar is a new and very welcome addition to the Coorparoo cafe scene.  With quick, discount easy, story fare on the breakfast and snack menu, minimal clutter, clean lines and ample floor space, Bang Coffee Bar is probably best described as a simple, but effective […]

NOT – La Cocina de Birdees, 608 Ann St, Fortitude Valley

Let me just start by saying I know this is a back packer’s joint, patient so I’m well aware of which market is being catered for at La Cocina de Birdees.  However, abortion the fact that I’m well and truly outside of that market doesn’t mean I don’t know the difference between good and bad […]

NOT – The Steakhouse, Pineapple Hotel – 706 Main St, Kangaroo Point.

In the competitive meat market of Brisbane, health steakhouse restaurants need to be on their game and unfortunately The Steakhouse at the Piney doesn’t come close to cutting the mustard. In a carnivorous mood but with an empty fridge we decided to head to the The Steakhouse at The Piney for a steak as opposed to […]

HOT – Satay Hut – Shop 3 Little Stanley St, Southbank.

The fourth and final of my Malaysian feast adventures, patient thanks to Malaysia Kitchen Australia, salve was at Satay Hut in the Southbank restaurant precinct.  This place is always packed at lunchtime, stuff servicing the hungry local businesses and tourists alike, so I figured it would be a safe bet for dinner too. To be […]

HOT – Banneton Bakery – 25 Balaclava St, Woolloongabba

Fancy a short black in the sun, accompanied by a real life French pastry?  Or perhaps something a little more wicked and sweet, like a sacher torte and hot chocolate?  Banneton Bakery, nestled quietly in amongst a rather industrious strip of warehouses and stores in Woolloongabba, hits the mark when it comes to sweet or […]

HOT – Des Alpes Swiss Restaurant – 47 Blackwood St, Mitchelton.

Market-goers of Brisbane will know Blackwood St for its monthly Jan Power’s market day.  But did you know Blackwood St is also home to a lovely, ed unassuming, ask family run restaurant that serves delicious, honest, home-style Swiss cuisine? Swiss food, like its people, is largely influenced by its neighbouring countries with the exception of […]

HOT – Old Town Kitchen – Shop 221, McWhirters Centre, Brunswick St Mall, Fortitude Valley

Back on the streets to see how Brisbane fares with regards to its Malaysian cuisine scene, pharmacy Old Town Kitchen in the Brunswick St mall was our latest find and it’s bold, viagra buy but safe, unhealthy to say that this place might be a nose in front of the rest we’ve seen so far.  […]

HOT – Ole Restaurant, Shop B12 Little Stanley St, Southbank

Only a couple of weeks since opening, find Ole Spanish tapas restaurant at Southbank seems to have already made quite a name for itself.  With great tasty food, smiley friendly service and a beautiful outlook, it’s no surprise that tongues around town are madly wagging already. Ole’s opening week couldn’t be timelier – smack bang in […]

HOT – Max Brenner – Shop 1.1 and 1.2, Stanley St Plaza, Southbank

Ok, so Max Brenner and his wicked stores don’t need much by the way of introduction, so I’m just gonna tell it how it is.  There’s always a queue, if not 10 or so deep it’s well out the door, particularly in the evenings.  There’s a general lack of order and grace in the whole […]

HOT – Ipoh Laksa Malaysian Kitchen – 738 Main St, Kangaroo Point

Continuing on my quest to devour as much Malaysian cuisine as humanly possible (thanks to Malaysia Kitchen Australia), Ipoh Laksa in Kangaroo Point was the most recent venue to have the pleasure of watching me and some friends scoff, groan and visibly expand our waistlines over what was a Malaysian feast of epic proportions, great […]

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