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HOT: Top Sushi, alleyway Queen and Adelaide St adjoining NAB and HSBC buildings

top sushi

From burgers to sushi –  another post from guest blogger Matman this week.

Brisbane CBD workers have  got the taste for sushi and they are not afraid to line up for it.

Like most things in Brisbane – pubs, clubs, restaurants – newness is an oversubscribed commodity. However, sushi in Brisbane is by no means a new concept. So what I fail to understand is why Brisbane city workers are now willing to spend a considerable portion of their lunch break lining up for it? What is so good about Top Sushi?

As I arrive at the tucked away laneway  locality I see that the Top Sushi phenomenon, which began at the Queens Plaza store some months ago and continued at the MacArthur’s  Central store, is showing no signs of fading. I join the 20-30 person queue of  slinky, bespectacled, diet coke swilling,  alpine light smoking secretaries, through to the late 40’s, balding, Fourex Gold bloke, with a ballooning stomach and clearly on a strict wife-prescribed diet. After 10 minutes I am served and feel rushed to order despite having waited for what seemed an eternity.

I consider the western sushi roll to be  the Naughty Noodles of the late naughties. Like most things Asian, the sushi roll has been western-fusioned  and rolled out to be embraced by the  masses. The sushi available at Top Sushi is your standard westernised variety, with nothing particularly authentic. Having recently visited Japan the vast array of western sushi rolls brings back haunting memories of the almost  comical Japanese take on a western sandwich. Potato sandwich anyone?

I try to be as authentic  as possible and buy a salmon pack for $6.50 comprising 4 salmon Nigiri sushi and  2 salmon Makizushi rolls. The sushi looks and tastes freshly prepared and is room temperature which is a nice change from the ice cold , claggy varieties often sold in food courts that have been prepared many hours earlier.

So the answer to what is so good about  Top Sushi?. I don’t think it  provides nothing unique to Brisbane, but it is the freshest and  best Western sushi in the Brisbane CBD .

  • Top Sushi, alleyway Queen and Adelaide St adjoining NAB and HSBC building
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  1. This place has gone down hill a lot in the last 12 months. I have received gristly, fishy smelling salmon and avocado sushi rolls there on more than one occasion. Also a number of times the salmon has been hard and crusty on the outside because it’s been drying out all lunchtime. They also served me blackened avocado in the sushi too EWWWW! In short I’ve sworn off this place and instead go to LR Sushi in Macarthur Central which is better (and cheaper!)

    Posted by Brisbane Food Adventures
    Twitter: brisfood
    | August 18, 2011, 1:45 pm

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