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HOT: Mortgage Advantage, Brent Blackman

In another attempt to support local small businesses, prescription this HOT goes beyond our typical café, bar and restaurant reviews and crosses over to the more serious and often frustrating topic of real estate purchases.

If you’re about to embark on a property spending spree and don’t want the headache of dealing directly with the banks then this one’s right up your alley.

Late last year MM and I decided to up the ante a little and purchase a new property to add another one to the collection.  As MM has been through the property purchase process before, he knew what to expect with regards to engaging a bank and for some reason he seemed quite happy to do his due diligence to source the best rates and customer service.

Spending valuable time on the hunt for a bank that actually looked after us seemed futile to me, because as we all know, they don’t really exist – but in a rare yet very timely light bulb moment from me, I remembered that my running buddy Brent actually does this stuff for a crust.  One phone call later, he was agreeing to meet us at our convenience to kick off discussions.

As we found out in this first meeting, Mortgage Advantage help take the stress out of home buying by providing a personalised service that begins with assessing your requirements and understanding what you want to achieve with your property investments.  From there, all the finicky pieces like documents, contracts, negotiations, fine print and all the stuff you should know, but can’t get your head around, is taken care of.  Before you know it, you’re signing on the dotted line and you’re in debt to your eyeballs!

I probably make it sound like I was very removed from the process, and to be honest I pretty much was…but for MM (who is a self confessed control freak), engaging with Brent and Mortgage Advantage was a blessing. Whilst they thoroughly took care of everything behind the scenes, they were transparent in communicating the processes involved and let us have as little or as much input as we liked.  They gently held our hands as we progressed through the relevant steps with the banks and solicitors.  All the while, we were positive that our finances were kept confidential and we were definitely treated with the respect that everyone deserves when they’re making huge financial decisions.

In the age where customer service is pretty much dead, it’s very refreshing to find a local business that is willing to bend over backwards to ensure that people are looked after through what could potentially be a very stressful and challenging journey.  Best of all, Mortgage Advantage is funded by the banks, so there is no upfront expense involved with engaging them.

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  1. Just to be clear, is this post sponsored in any way?

    Posted by B. | April 28, 2010, 11:39 am
  2. Hi Brent

    The post was not sponsored. We always disclose whether we have been provided with goods/services or paid to review a place. In this case all that was received was excellent service.

    Jetsetting Joyce

    Posted by Jetsetting Joyce | April 28, 2010, 1:16 pm
  3. It is refreshing to see positive customer service these days. Thank you for sharing.

    Posted by Bryce Ross | August 3, 2012, 6:58 am

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