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Hot: Jam 4012, 3/1208 Sandgate Rd, Nundah

Since I moved to Nundah with my now husband almost three years ago, symptoms we’ve taken great pleasure in sampling the fine cuisine on offer in the local area. Now that my best friend lives in the suburb as well, I have an extra excuse to eat meals out and show her around the local area. Ok, so it’s just another excuse to go out and eat tasty food, and one of our favourites is Jam 4012.

Right in the heart of Nundah Village, Jam 4012 is open for breakfast and lunch. They have an extensive breakfast menu (I hear their home-made baked beans are to die for), and a simple but refined lunch menu consisting of hearty salads, light meals, fish and chips, risotto and, of course, an all-day breakfast option. On the Sunday afternoon we visited for lunch, I ordered the all-day breakfast, while my friend tried the tempura whiting with chips (which I’ve had before and can highly recommend). We also ordered chai lattes, but these were so delicious they didn’t last long enough for the photo.

The breakfast, although it didn’t include the famous baked beans, was very filling, and included plenty of bacon, tomato, thick-cut toast, home-made hash browns (to die for) and two perfectly poached eggs (which they’re quite happy to cook however you like).

The report I got on the whiting was that it was similarly delicious. Accompanied by a generous serving of chips and a mountain of salad, the only criticism was that there was simply too much to finish!

In addition to the fabulous menu, the service at Jam 4012 is also worth mentioning. The table service is extremely prompt (even if you do sometimes have a short wait for a table at breakfast — they don’t take weekend bookings due to the popularity), and the wait for food is minimal. The cafe is also very happy to cater for their diners’ pooch companions, offering a bowl of water next to the outdoor window tables. Jam 4012 shouldn’t just be considered a stop-off for Nundah locals, either — a trip to the northside is well worth it just for a relaxing breakfast or lunch here.

  • Jam 4012, 3/1208 Sandgate Rd, Nundah +61 7 3266 1704

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  1. BOYCOTT! Owner is obnoxious, unreasonable jerk!!!

    I went there when the cafe first opened and the food was below average. I decided to go back today 22/7 to give it a 2nd chance. It was an absolute regret on my part.

    I wanted a quick cup of coffee and had my 1 year old son with me in his small umbrella style stroller. I went to the counter and was told to take a seat. I sat at the only roomy available table inside undercover. I began feeding my child a banana.

    After a couple of minutes, the owner told me I needed to move my pram across the table or sit outside in the sun with my child as he didn’t want to spill hot beverage on my child. I squeezed the stroller flush to the side of the table and could move no closer. I am not sure how he was expecting me to feed my child seated in his stroller across the opposite end of the table. I can assure you there was more than enough space to walk past without spilling hot beverage on my child. Alternatively he could have just walked round the other tables. Neither was I going to risk my child of sitting in the blazing sun at the risk of getting sunburnt. The owner came back and said rudely “So, what do you want to do???”. I told him he was absolutely unreasonable and it was impossible to feed my child across the length of the table. I said forget about the coffee and walked out. I wasn’t going to waste my money at a place which was so unwelcoming and unfriendly. Mind you, his food doesn’t even meet the average standards. I was totally humiliated and felt absolutely discriminated against as a parent. All I wanted was a quick humble cuppa.

    I urge all in Brisbane to boycott this tosser. I hope he goes bust because he is shameful to the F&B industry. I’ve never ever walked out of a venue in my life but I am certainly glad I did. An elderly couple waiting outside for their coffee gave me the thumbs as I walked out. I’m pretty sure they won’t be back there too. I certainly will not ever be wasting my money there and encourage everyone to do the same.

    I went down the road to C Word bagel and had my coffee fix there. Not only that, my child got a complimentary babycino. Talk about a difference in service standards! Please spread the word around to your friends. I’m not ashamed of my review at all.

    Posted by Adele | July 23, 2010, 2:57 pm
  2. Hi Adele, it’s a shame you had such a poor experience especially as you were giving them a second chance! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

    Posted by Jetsetting Joyce | July 26, 2010, 10:22 am
  3. Joyce, thanks for keeping my post up. I’m sure many will think twice. The feedback I have received has been mostly supportive so far. I have learnt as well that many out there know how shoddy this guy is through sharing my experience. Apparently I have not been the first victim as well.

    Posted by Adele | July 26, 2010, 11:01 am
  4. Hi all,
    I was just searching for Jam’s phone number and have just seen this post. I must say I’m very surprised to hear of your issues. I’ve visited Jam fairly regularly in the past 12 months since I moved to the area and love the place. We moved back to Brissie from Melbourne and have been very disappointed with the coffee shops here. Jam do breakfast, lunch and coffees all very well and the place is very smoothly run especially given how busy it gets.
    I to have a little baby and have had no pram issues whatsoever. However I am very conscious of where I would sit there given health and safety issues. If a spot that works for a pram isn’t available I would wait till one is, just like in any coffee shop.
    The owner is very hands on and runs a tight ship, but that’s what makes the place so great. None of this slow, lack of customer service attitude you get at most places. And with the amount of customers they look after, it has to be well run.
    I would say Jam is probably the best coffee shop I’ve been in Brisbane and would recommend to anyone!!

    Posted by Kristy | August 7, 2010, 3:53 pm
  5. I went on a day that wasn’t even too crowded and I was seated at the entrance beside the door. There were no tables next to me at all only adjacent at 7 o’clock. I am always very careful as to where I place my pram as well and make sure it doesn’t block any other guests or waitstaff. Having said that I didn’t even use my usual jogger pram which is a lot bigger. It’s just about the smallest you can find on the market. There are heaps of lovely cafes who are more baby friendly and inviting than Jam. Duo, CWord, and the one at Woolies itself in Nundah. At the end of the day, no one should have been treated like that or refused service for not doing anything wrong. Neither should a child be thrown out to sit in direct sunlight. It’s just basic humanity! I was treated like a dog and that’s just it! I went into depression the following week and felt so low, definitely not worth all nonesense every again. He can kiss my money goodbye and he’s just lost 100’s of customers too!

    Posted by Adele | August 10, 2010, 4:33 pm
  6. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience Adele. You have to go where you feel comfortable and you are right, Nundah has some great spots.

    Posted by Kristy | August 14, 2010, 6:24 am
  7. Harden up Adele. I have two kids and go to JAM all the time, no issues.. This little campaign of yours is running across all the review web sites in Brisbane.
    Frankly your starting to look like someone with no life or a business share in a rival cafe. I have no idea what really happened at JAM but I think there is a little bit more to the story than your letting on.

    Posted by Shane | February 19, 2011, 5:33 am
  8. I go to JAM a lot with my family and two dogs and have always found all the staff to be very courteous and obliging. It is a busy cafe and I love the food on offer-the consistency of quality is commendable. If someone is aware of safety issues within a cafe I think that is a good thing. I can only imagine Adele’s response had there been an incident with hot coffee and her child. Obviously different places cater to different needs and if JAM doesn’t meet yours Adele, you will do us all a favour by going elsewhere. But for those of us who enjoy all that JAM has to offer, we will continue to frequent for what I think are the best breakfasts on the Northside.

    Posted by Gerard | May 1, 2011, 5:59 pm
  9. I live nearby to Jam, in Wavell Heights, and have been there a handful of times in recent years. I’ve never had any issue with service or food standards. In fact, I would suggest Adele’s experience was out of the ordinary. People don’t tolerate bad service and last time I went to Jam (10am Sunday, three weeks ago) I couldn’t get seated because it was ‘jam’-packed. :). It’s entirely possible Adele caught the owner (or possibly hired help?) on a bad day. In fact, I’d say it’s highly likely. (And given Adele’s overreaction and mention of depression, I would surmise the problem lies equally with Adele’s frame of mind).

    The food is simply spectacular and the service exceptional. Two thumbs up.

    Posted by Felicity Moore
    Twitter: Felicitymoore
    | July 26, 2011, 10:06 am

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