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HOT: Brio Espresso & Juice, 8/36 Vernon Terrace, Newstead


I often wonder if I serve the Hot or Not readers any justice at all when I review breakfast locations. No matter where I dine for breaky, dosage I can never go past the bacon and eggs.

Let it be known from now on then, health that whenever CazM does breakfast, buy there’s a caveat attached that minimal menu exploration occurs. My recent visit to Brio Espresso & Juice is no exception to the rule – there, you’ve been warned!

MM and I were feeling adventurous after our 14 hour overnight flight from LA recently and couldn’t stand the thought of going home to an empty fridge and cupboard after a couple of weeks away. So, with our eyeballs red and hanging from their sockets, we took a whimsical detour on the way home from Brisbane International and ended up in Newstead.

We were actually hoping to check out Eves on the River, but they weren’t open – which was a nice twist of fate because we really enjoyed the service and ambience at Brio Espresso & Juice.

Both of us were craving a chocolate milkshake, so didn’t really take advantage of the fact that Brio Espresso & Juice specialise in juices….next time perhaps. Our friendly waitress insisted that she makes a mean chocky milkshake, so we took her up on the offer and waited with anticipation.

In the mean time, we sipped on a creamy, chocolatey cappuccino which really hit the spot after our flight (not to mention the fact that we were absolutely hanging out for a decent coffee seeing as the Americans haven’t quite mastered this yet).


MM ordered the bacon and egg panini with bbq sauce which looked enough to feed two of us. The egg was flipped and cooked with just enough goo factor left in it, and the bacon was nice and crispy with the fat trimmed off.


My poached eggs were cooked perfectly – not too hard, not too runny and the bacon was extra crispy as per my usual request. The toast however was lacking a side of margarine, which I had to ask for – in my humble opinion I don’t care how healthy you are trying to be, toast cannot be consumed without some sort of moistening spread. After a few minutes in the gentle morning sun, my butter was spreadable and I could continue devouring my delicious but not-very-adventurous feast.


The chocolate milkshakes were pretty much how a chocolate milkshake should be – I mean really, how hard can it be right? Well I know I’ve had some shockers, and when you pay nearly 5 bucks for some flavoured milk, you want it to be perfect. Well, Brio Espresso & Juice has it stitched up and didn’t disappoint.

The total bill came to just over $35 and we were pretty happy with that. It was a great way to end our holiday and we’ll definitely go back to Brio Espresso & Juice to sample their juices and maybe even venture past the old faithful bacon and eggs – the other fresh and healthy items on their menu look well worth exploring.

Brio Espresso & Juice on Urbanspoon

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  1. Totally agree. And their main barista, Luke, it hot hot hot hot!!!

    Posted by anonymous Italian | April 12, 2010, 5:16 pm
  2. Oh I was so jet lagged i didn’t even catch a glimpse of said hot barista – another great excuse to go back!

    Posted by CazM | April 14, 2010, 9:28 am
  3. So glad you have “discovered” another good spot for breakfast near to where we live. You’ll see us there. Cheers.

    Posted by mumkwok | April 15, 2010, 5:07 pm
  4. Went to Brio last weekend where we proceeded to wait to be served for 15 min. We were eventually severed and proceeded to wait another 45 minutes. To our dismay we witnessed people coming in after us and then being served food before us. Our patience lost out after an hour as the kids were now restless and very hungry. We decided to leave and told the owner we can’t wait anymore. He proceeded to our dismay to talk to us rudely saying that he was busy and that we’ll just have to wait. We understand its a busy world and that not everyone’s day goes to plan however What we couldn’t fathom was how rude he was without any apology. What was worse is that this owner did that infront of my kids. When your children at ages 7 and 5 comment on how rude someone is there is something wrong. As you can imagine we left and stated we wouldn’t be returning.. Now the story doesn’t end here. We were walking past his restaurant to the establishment next door and to our dismay he approached us in front of all his customers and berated us. We couldn’t believe it. Now I might be old school but do these people not rely on us for their lively hood. To go out of his way left us dumbfounded and embarrassed. I don’t know about you but service these days is rapidly progressing downhill. Sure it happens from time to time but in all my life I’ve never come across something like this. Especially from an owner. I work hard for my money and don’t really want to part with it for such ignorant rude people. On that note we decided to eat at home and give what we were going to spend on breakfast to charity. If this owner keeps going down this track he’ll be relying on the same. Don’t waste your time on this place. There are lovely establishments like the London Club either side for breakfast and lunch.

    Posted by Loiuse | August 17, 2011, 4:02 pm
  5. terrible coffee. terrible.

    Posted by Kevin Colombu | September 25, 2011, 2:42 pm

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