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NOT: Egg Bistro – 989 Stanley St, East Brisbane

A couple of false starts and high expectations may well be the reason behind Egg Bistro being awarded a NOT; but after much deliberation and consultation with MM and my inner self, clinic I’m now confident this NOT is justified.

I’ve being hearing ‘Egg this’ and ‘Egg that’ in every local rag, stuff and unfortunately our first two attempts to get a table at this little hot spot in East Brisbane were foiled; they don’t appear to cater for walk ins on the weekend (much to MM’s disgust – everyone knows you’re supposed to allow at least 10% for walk ins….).

We’re not fans of having to book a time for breakfast (sure, diagnosis for parties of 6 or more, I’m ok with it..), afterall it’s so nice to get up on a Sunday at your leisure and go exploring for a nice coffee and brekky spot.  However, my interest in Egg Bistro got the better of me so I conceded defeat and booked a table for 2 at 8.30am on a Sunday (I tried to book for 4 so friends could join us, but they insisted they couldn’t possibly cater for another couple).

Seated in a quiet-ish corner to the rear of the dining area we had the perfect view of the bustling venue.  Egg Bistro is a beautifully decorated cottage style restaurant with French bistro influences throughout, from the gorgeous dark wood comptoir and bar stools, to the mocha coloured surrounds including beautiful wall hangings.  The restaurant was buzzing with banter from a not-quite-capacity crowd, however seemed almost over run with staff (all young, vague, pretty things) who didn’t quite know if they were coming or going and spent a lot of time waiting on the kitchen (as did we…our meals were a long time in the making).  I also noticed two tables for four were vacant….

To the food – our cafe lattes were perfectly creamy and it was clear the resident Egg Bistro barista knew exactly how to drive her coffee machine; she pumped out coffee varieties and hot chocolates with pure finesse.  That may have well been where the good stuff stopped though.

The menu itself wasn’t as impressive as I was expecting.  With a name like Egg Bistro, I had anticipated a myriad of egg related choices, any which way you can think of, plus those you’ve never heard of before.  Unfortunately, it was pretty standard breakfast fare – so much so, that MM and both opted for our default fallback of bacon, eggs and toast ($15.50).  MM had his eggs scrambled, with a home-made hash brown ($3.50 for a side).

I had my eggs poached, and a side of haloumi (also $3.50)

To their credit, the Egg Bistro eggs were delicious and clearly organic, with huge, bright orange yolks.  The bacon however was cut way too thick and had not been trimmed of its fat at all.  As MM so delicately quipped “this bacon’s like a Mac truck….no matter which way you look at it, there’s nothing elegant about it at all”.  The lovely thick baguette style toast slice was doughy and fresh, however so thick that we couldn’t cut through the crust without a fight and with the thick bacon, it was all just a little too hard.

MM finished up with a banana and honey smoothie which definitely deserves a mention; no banana syrup in sight, it was good to see they made it with fresh, real ingredients with the right amount of honey and cinnamon too.

So why weren’t we impressed with Egg Bistro?

Was it the fact that people kept getting turned away – even though those lonely tables for four (and others) were never occupied in the hour that we dined?  There resistance to accept walk-ins bears quite a bug with us both personally…is this a reasonable gripe?

Was it perhaps the fact that I wanted a table for four when I booked, and then two tables for four remained unoccupied for the duration of our visit?  I have been known to hold a grudge….

Maybe it was the lack of egg-citing options on the menu and high eggspectations?  Sorry, couldn’t help myself….

Egg Bistro has the look, the vibe and the high profile and it’s only slightly over priced for my liking.  When I’m sitting on the fence like this, or struggling to make the hot vs not call, I often ask myself “based on my experience, would I go back to this place?”…………and there you have it.

  • Egg Bistro – 989 Stanley St, East Brisbane +61 7 3891 1675
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  1. hilarious.

    would have thought the menu would have more enticing items than scramble and poached.. no funky items like deep fried egg’s cream?
    lotsofcravings´s last blog post ..Joe can cook! Season 1 Finale-Osso Bucco

    Posted by lotsofcravings
    Twitter: lotsofcravings
    | May 30, 2011, 11:55 am
  2. I got quite excited when Egg opened, firstly because it’s just around the corner from where I live and secondly because it is such a classy, cosy & inviting fit-out. Sadly my first visit was underwhelming for the same reasons you detail in your review. I really hope it’s extended teething problems since I really love the space and the feel they’ve created with the decor.

    Posted by Miss Morag
    Twitter: Moragsmorsels
    | May 30, 2011, 1:56 pm
  3. I know! I could’ve done with something deep fried in the egg variety 🙂 Glad you’re with me on this lotsofcravings..

    Posted by CazM | June 1, 2011, 12:32 pm
  4. Thanks for your comment Miss Morag, good to see I’m not alone on this one; they’ve got such potential, I hope things improve.

    Posted by CazM | June 1, 2011, 12:33 pm

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