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HOT – Little Malaysia – 156 Boundary St, West End

After a rather unimpressive yet stressful day and not much inclination for slaving over a stove, pharmacy I picked up MM and we headed to the Boundary St strip in West End, no rx one of our favourite areas to roam in Brisbane.  I’d spotted Little Malaysia nestled in between some of your more well […]

HOT – Alberto’s Shot – 462 Montague Rd, West End.

Another very popular caffeine stop for river-looping cyclists is Alberto’s Shot, doctor down towards the Orleigh Park end of Montague Road in West End.  Taking up some nice corner block real estate in the sun, ampoule this busy little espresso bar and cafe has just given its breakfast menu a facelift, illness so MM and […]

HOT: Atomica Eat Drink, 173 Boundary St, West End.

There’s a range of venues to choose from in the West End precinct for a late Saturday breakfast and Atomica has always been one to serve consistently sound and reasonably priced food.  My most recent visit was no exception. MM and I have a pretty standard routine of getting to the markets nice and early […]

HOT: Nook, 19 Browning Street, West End

Tucked away next to an old boarding house in Browning Street, view West End, is the delightful Nook, which opened in August 2009. Mid last year, hop owner Michelle Gillies very creatively set about turning the front room of her home into her very own ‘treasure trove of handmade, eco and indie finds’ (in Michelle’s […]

HOT: West End Garden, 190 Melbourne St, South Brisbane

Past experience has taught me that Chinese/Vietnamese venues can be synonymous with cheap and nasty – which isn’t a problem if cheap and nasty is what you’re after to fill your belly.  One little gem of the Chinese/Vietnamese variety that has time and time again proven itself is West End Garden and it is absolutely, viagra buy […]

HOT: Mondo Organics Restaurant, 166 Hardgrave Rd, West End

Mondo Organics, tucked away in the bottom of west End, seems to divide its patrons and reviewers. I’m surprised at their mixed reputation, as we had a good experience there that is well worth repeating. Perhaps it is because specialty organic restaurants are not that common, and tend to attract the more discerning diners. Organic […]

NOT: Dakbla Restaurant, 65 Hardgrave Rd, West End

We try to have a new food adventure at least once a week. But there are some times when you just need the old locale, a place where you can be guaranteed a quick, cheap and tasty feed. And then you arrive at 8.15pm and find the place packed to the rafters, so you go […]

HOT: The Fat Carrot, 179 Boundary St, West End

Smack-bang amongst the plethora of cafes and bars that give West End its livelihood is a little piece of juice and smoothie nirvana.  The Fat Carrot (or perhaps it should be The Phat Carrot?), stuff has a lot more to offer than your everyday down-the-road-produce-store. This little gem on Boundary St is flanked by a […]

HOT: The Hi-Fi, 125 Boundary Street, West End

HOT: The Hi-Fi, 125 Boundary Street, West End

Brisbane has always been depressingly short on decent music venues. We’ve been to venues that were ridiculously hot (The Zoo), with sticky floors (The Arena – reportedly closing down), that are as big as our living room (The Troubadour, and we have a small living room), and worst of all, venues with ear-splittingly, head-crushingly loud […]

HOT: Burger Urge, 542 Brunswick St, New Farm

HOT: Burger Urge, 542 Brunswick St, New Farm

Today we welcome our first post from a guest blogger, Matman. Matman is a self-proclaimed aficionado of all things burger, so this week’s he’s giving us his view of the gourmet burger wagon that’s rolled into Brisbane in recent years. Welcome Matman! With relaxed decor mixed with indy music posters and laid back staff befitting […]

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