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NOT – The Steakhouse, Pineapple Hotel – 706 Main St, Kangaroo Point.

In the competitive meat market of Brisbane, health steakhouse restaurants need to be on their game and unfortunately The Steakhouse at the Piney doesn’t come close to cutting the mustard. In a carnivorous mood but with an empty fridge we decided to head to the The Steakhouse at The Piney for a steak as opposed to […]

HOT – Ipoh Laksa Malaysian Kitchen – 738 Main St, Kangaroo Point

Continuing on my quest to devour as much Malaysian cuisine as humanly possible (thanks to Malaysia Kitchen Australia), Ipoh Laksa in Kangaroo Point was the most recent venue to have the pleasure of watching me and some friends scoff, groan and visibly expand our waistlines over what was a Malaysian feast of epic proportions, great […]

NOT: The Cliffs Cafe – 3 River Terrace, Kangaroo Point.

I’m forever going on about my penchant for Saturday morning coffee and breakfast after a cruisy run around the river and city surrounds; there’ s nothing more satisfying than throwing down a million calories in bacon and eggs after having spent an hour trying the burn off the ones from the beers the night before.  As […]

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