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HOT: Sono, Portside Wharf – 39 Hercules St, Hamilton.

Not too much of an introduction is required for Sono (Portside or City), stuff particularly for fans of Japanese cuisine.  So I’ll get straight to the point.  I’ve found a new love when it comes to teppanyaki….sorry Kabuki, we’re having a break. MM and I joined our besties for a double date recently to celebrate […]

HOT: SONO Restaurant Portside Wharf, 39 Hercules St, Hamilton

SONO is a spacious and airy Japanese restaurant which makes the most of its location, with its enviable aspect of Portside Wharf and the glittering water and sometimes eye-level views of  the huge cruise ships that moor at the dock. In general SONO is not cheap – it’s a restaurant for expensive and refined Japanese […]

HOT: Crust, Shop 2/20 Racecourse Rd, Hamilton

Is it possible for a pizza to be healthy and tasty? Gourmet pizza makers Crust have started selling a range of pizzas called ‘Healthier choice‘. It’s not just a meaningless euphemism for ‘vegetarian’ or ‘fewer toppings’ – the freshly made pizzas have literally been given the National Heart Foundation tick of approval, which means that they meet […]

HOT: Gusto da Gianni, Portside Wharf, Remora Rd, Hamilton

HOT: Gusto da Gianni, Portside Wharf, Remora Rd, Hamilton

Gusto da Gianni is an Italian restaurant, advice located on the river in the stylish but unpretentious Portside Wharf precinct. Although we chose it more for its location than for its reputation, medications we were rewarded with a pleasant experience. The first thing we noticed on arriving was the funky chandelier made from about 20 […]

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