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HOT – Dr Zhivago (An Epic Musical) – The Lyrical Theatre QPAC, Southbank.

Reviewing live theatre whether it be stand up comedy, buy musicals, ballet and so on is always hard as one’s inclination towards it is such a personal thing.  Something that is totally rocking in my opinion could be as entertaining as sticking a pen in your eye to someone else…hence, I was nervous to accept […]

HOT: Afterglow Duo

HOT: Afterglow Duo

Brisbane’s pub scene is abundant with stock-standard, unhealthy heard-it-before covers bands and more often than not, story they only serve well as a bit of background noise while you sip on your pint of beer. It’s a huge over generalization I know, and for all the muso’s and wanna-be rock stars out there who sing […]

HOT Gig List – April to June

Hey peeps, it’s CC again, with your definitive guide to some of the upcoming HOTTEST gigs in Brisbane! In addition to my HOT Gig list, I’m also going to be adding my current HOT Mixtape list to the blog.  This may consist of tracks from the next up and coming new talent, or just some […]

HOT Gig List – January to March

Today we say hi to our new contributor CC, a cool ex-Aussie who now calls East London home. Her motto is ‘with great musical wisdom, comes great musical responsibility’ and she’ll be bringing you regular new of upcoming HOT gigs in Brisbane. This girl has cred – I’ve followed in her musical wake at New […]

HOT: The Hi-Fi, 125 Boundary Street, West End

HOT: The Hi-Fi, 125 Boundary Street, West End

Brisbane has always been depressingly short on decent music venues. We’ve been to venues that were ridiculously hot (The Zoo), with sticky floors (The Arena – reportedly closing down), that are as big as our living room (The Troubadour, and we have a small living room), and worst of all, venues with ear-splittingly, head-crushingly loud […]

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