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HOT: Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinemas – The Cultural Forecourt, South Bank.

Is there a better backdrop than Brisbane’s city skyline at dusk on a balmy, clinic breezy spring evening?   If you’re with me on that, medicine then the Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinema at South Bank is a must-do for you.  Add to this a big screen showing cult classics, cialis a bucket of popcorn, a […]

HOT – Surrealism Up Late – Gallery of Modern Art, South Brisbane.

Squishy eye balls, phallic imagery, animalistic tendencies….just a few of the key words and imagery that come to mind when I recall my evening at the Surrealism:  The Poetry of Dreams exhibition, currently on show at the Gallery of Modern Art. Thanks to Brisbane Marketing, I was given the opportunity to explore and grow the […]

NOT: Four Lions

Let me preface this review by saying that I do not lack a sense of humour but I don’t believe one can boil down the intricacies of home-grown terrorism into a comedy. The truth is that Morris’ presentation of his characters in Four Lions does not constitute a dark comedy; it is just a bad […]

HOT: The Runaways

Floria Sigismondi is the director of some of the most impressive music videos of the past fifteen years. Her dark, order seductive work has accompanied music by the likes of Marilyn Manson, David Bowie, Interpol, the White Stripes and even Christina Aguilera; strangely, even if you don’t like the song you can be drawn in […]

NOT: Sex and the City 2

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t expecting a lot from Sex and the City 2. I’d seen a few reviews, cialis and they weren’t great. That said, viagra 40mg the last movie didn’t get great reviews either, and I enjoyed it for what it was — just a bit of fun. That’s what I expected from […]

HOT: La Boheme, Palace Opera & Ballet, The Barracks Palace Theatre, 61 Petrie Terrace Brisbane

It was a lovely winter’s day, one of those days when you love Brisbane and just want to dance around in the sunshine. So it was with some reluctance that I attended this early afternoon screening of La Boheme at The Barracks Palace Cinemas. Until 10am that morning, the other half of Brek had thought […]

HOT: Shrek The Final Chapter

The fourth and final instalment of the Shrek franchise, Shrek, The Final Chapter. doesn’t take any risks when it comes to its story but still manages to whip up an entertaining experience with a worthwhile new villain, who is as deviously funny as Lord Farquaad from the original. [Spoiler alert] Shrek, The Final Chapter essentially […]

NOT: Iron Man 2

Comparing the second serving of the Iron Man franchise to its original would be a big mistake.  The special effects are better than before, the Iron Man suit is shinier than ever, and we have a new villain who can kick some ass.  But it’s a failed attempt as it has none of the charm, surprise, or […]

HOT: Date Night

Never, ever, take someone else’s restaurant reservation. One little white lie can take your life off the rails. That is pretty much the premise behind the new comedy from Levy, Date Night. Starring the poster children of US comedy, Steve Carell and Tina Fey, the film has to satisfy a lot of expectations on the […]

NOT: Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton is a director with a very distinct view of things. He tends to show the beauty in some of the most unlikely characters, embrace the dark and review a new good within it. Some might say he is the Mad Hatter of the world of cinema. However, his latest film Alice in Wonderland is […]

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